Computer white screen is a common situation and if you encounter this issue in Windows 11, how do you fix it? Take it easy and you can find multiple solutions to Windows 11 white screen of death from this post on the MiniTool website.

White Screen of Death Windows 11

It is common to encounter some unexpected issues now and then in Windows and computer white screen is one common situation. Since Windows 11 is released, many users have upgraded to this new operating system. However, according to users, Windows 11 white screen is making them feel troubled.

This issue often happens on startup or after logging into the system. Sometimes there is only a moveable cursor and a white screen on the startup page. After a few minutes, the PC enters the system. Sometimes the PC cannot boot to the Desktop eventually and it blocks you do any operations in the system.

This sounds similar to the blue screen issue or black screen but the difference is no error codes accompany the white screen. Then you may ask: why is my computer screen white Windows 11? The most reasons for this could be a hardware malfunction, damaged graphics card driver, virus or malware attacks, faulty OS installation, outdated Windows, etc.

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How do I fix the white screen on Windows 11? You may ask this question. Considering all these possible factors, we list some best solutions you can try in the following part. Let’s go to look over them if your PC gets white in Windows 11.

Worth-trying Fixes for Windows 11 White Screen Flickering

Here are 10 ways to help fix Windows 11 just a moment white screen or Windows 11 white screen of death and you can choose one or some based on your actual needs to get rid of trouble.

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Force Restart Your Computer

If Windows 11 white screen flickering lasts for a few minutes on startup, you can choose to force reboot your PC. Sometimes minor glitches in one of the system components cause PC white screen and rebooting it could be helpful.

Just press the power button until the screen and indicator lights turn off. Then, press that button to reboot the PC to see if Windows 11 white screen is fixed. If white screen of death (WSOD) still exists, try other listed methods.

This fix may temporarily solve computer white screen but won’t prevent it from happening again.

Disconnect Peripheral Devices

Sometimes Windows 11 white screen with a cursor could be triggered by faulty peripheral devices. Before proceeding with some complicated fixes, you can try this simple troubleshooting – remove all these devices from your computer including your USB keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, etc.

Then, restart your PC to see if the white computer screen is removed. If the system can boot normally, reconnect the device one by one to find the faulty one and then repair or replace it.

End and Restart Windows Explorer

In some situations, inconsistencies in services or programs may lead to Windows 11 white screen. You can try to quit and restart Windows Explorer in Task Manager to fix this issue. Follow the given steps below:

Step 1: You can press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time when you are on the white computer screen and you may get a blue screen with several options.

Step 2: Click Task Manager .

Step 3: Locate Windows Explorer under the Processes tab, right-click on it, and choose End task .

end Windows Explorer in Task Manager

Step 4: Click File > Run new task , type explorer.exe into the box, check the Create this task with administrative privileges checkbox, and click OK . Now, PC white screen should be removed.

If you cannot open Task Manager when Windows 11 white screen on startup appears, skip this way.