The Windows 11 release date has been announced and it is October 5, 2021. At the same time, Microsoft delays the Android apps support for Windows 11 into 2022. For more related information, you can read this MiniTool post.

Microsoft Has Announced the Windows 11’s Official Release Date: October 5, 2021

On the last day of August 2021, Microsoft announced the official release date of Windows 11: October 5, 2021 . So, the day when Windows 11 is released is near. Let’s take a look at the topics that users are more concerned about.

Windows 11 Compatibility

The Windows 11 compatibility is still a concern. If your computer is eligible for Windows 11 , you can choose to upgrade to Windows 11 after its official release. Besides, Windows 11 will be pre-installed on some new PCs.

However, there is a big change: Microsoft has admitted that most computers with unsupported CPUs can also get Windows 11 . But the company doesn’t recommend doing this because bugs are more on unsupported PCs. At the same time, Microsoft has updated the list of supported CPUs for Windows 11 with some Intel 7th-Gen chips .

The PC Health Check App for Windows 11

Microsoft has updated the PC Health Check app for Windows 11 and released it to Insiders in the Windows Insider Program. The public version is expected to be launched before the official release of Windows 11. At that time, users can use this tool to check whether Windows 11 can run their computers.

updated PC Health Check

On the other hand, Microsoft is considering adding a sidebar message to Windows Update, showing This PC can run Windows 11 if your computer is capable of running this latest Windows operating system.

Windows 11 Current Status

Since the release of the first Windows 11 Insider preview build 22000.51 , Microsoft has rolled out several preview builds, adding more features & improvements, and fixing many bugs & issues. Windows 11 is still being tested, but it has become more stable and is ready for its official release on October 5, 2021.

The latest Windows 11 Insider preview build is build 22000.168 (KB5005191).

Windows Insiders Can Get Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO Files

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Insider preview ISO files to Insiders in the Windows Insider Program . If you want to clean install Windows 11 or install Windows 11 from USB, you can get it from the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page .

Microsoft Delays Android Apps Support in Windows 11

Windows 11 Android apps support is a new feature that has received much attention. We believe that many users are looking forward to it. However, these users have to wait. Microsoft has confirmed that this feature will not be shipped to Windows 11 this fall.

The Android app support feature enables you to find, install, and run some Android apps through the Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 computer. Microsoft develops this feature with the Amazon AppStore and the Android apps are powered by a new Windows Subsystem for Android. Microsoft will still test this feature in the Windows 11 Insider preview builds in the following months.

When will this feature be delivered? It is not sure now. Microsoft may add this feature in an update to Windows 11 21H2. Or it may be a new function in the next big Windows 11 feature update (Windows 11 22H2, scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022).

Other New Features Will Be Delivered on Time

The good news is that other new features Microsoft has mentioned will be released this fall on time. These new features include the new Start menu and the Taskbar, the new in-box apps designs, fluid animations, Windows Widgets, Microsoft Teams Chat, a new Microsoft Store, etc.

Is Windows 11 Upgrade Free?

Windows 10 users can free upgrade their devices to Windows 11 and there is no time limit. So you don’t need to rush to upgrade. However, OEMs will need to pay for a Windows 11 license. But if you upgrade from Windows 10, you can retain your license and your computer remains activated after an upgrade.

Everything about Windows 11 is proceeding in an orderly manner. You can wait until the Windows 11 release date or just join Windows Insider Program to have a try if your computer is eligible.

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