According to statistics, most computer users know RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it’s a form of computer memory, but they don’t know what’s the function of RAM is. MiniTool Solution provides this article to tell you what RAM is and more importantly, what RAM really do for a computer. This will help you get a better understanding of RAM.

What Does RAM Do in a Computer

What Is RAM

What does RAM mean? Literally, RAM refers to Random Access Memory, which is a type of memory to store related data. The most obvious features of RAM compared to other common memory types are:

  • Accessing data in RAM can be super-fast. RAM is twenty to a hundred times faster than a normal hard disk.
  • RAM only keeps data temporarily for the operating systems or other running programs; once the power is cut off, the data stored in RAM will get lost.


What is RAM used for? It is used to store everything running on the computer currently for a while (until the device is powered off). That’s why you can access data stored on your device so quickly.

What is ROM? It refers to the Read Only Memory; it’s another type of computer memory which can be read but not written to.

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What Does RAM Do

You may be wondering what does RAM do . In fact, all the active files, applications data, and operating systems services are stored in RAM, making it possible for users to access multiple documents, programs, applications immediately with a terrific speed and ultra-high efficiency.

The RAM function:

  1. Corresponding data will be loaded from the hard drive into RAM for processing whenever you start a task.
  2. When the operation is done, these data will be saved back into your hard drive – the long term storage.
Tip: If you have important data stored in the long-term storage components like hard disk and SD card, you should back them back regularly. If any of them are lost before backup, you should start hard drive data recovery or deleted SD card files recovery ASAP!

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RAM Features

What does RAM do for a computer exactly?

  • RAM is a volatile memory; it stores active data temporarily until it loses power.
  • RAM is an important part of the computer CPU – Central Processing Unit.
  • RAM allows you to read data from any capable component at almost the same speed.
  • It helps to access any memory cell randomly.
  • It helps you access previously-accessed apps and data much more quickly.
  • The reading or writing time of data in RAM is influenced by its physical location.
  • The size and capacity of RAM are very small.
  • RAM is made up of multiplexing and demultiplexing circuitry.
  • Images are copied to RAM when they’re displayed on your computer screen.
  • SuperFetch is worked based on RAM: your behavior and usage patterns are recorded, so it can pre-load applications and files into RAM automatically.

Do you need to upgrade or replace the RAM?

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Why Is RAM So Important

RAM is an essential short-term storage component in all devices to store the information they need, including computers, mobile phones, smart TV and game consoles. In contrast, the common storage media, such as hard disk, flash drive, and SDD, are the long-term storage components.

RAM in computing is very important, why? Nearly anything (files, documents, applications, Netflix streams, etc.) won’t work properly without the RAM. Even the simple actions will become much slower than before. It is no exaggeration to say that RAM is one of the most important factors to determine the performance of a computer.

How Much RAM Do You Need

General, the amount of RAM you really need depends on what you plan to do with your computer. If you’re only performing normal tasks on computer, 8GB of RAM should be enough.

  • If you only perform simple tasks (use web browser, basic Office applications, and photos editing software), 4 GB of memory is enough. ( What’s the best photo viewer for Windows 10? )
  • If you tend to deal with multi-tasks, use some complex software, and play some small games, you should choose 8 GB of RAM.

However, if you’re playing games on computer a lot or have a lot of professional and sophisticated applications, at least 16 GB of RAM is needed.

What does more RAM do? Of course, it stores more data, provides faster speed, and brings better performance.

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