How to Perform Remote Backup with MiniTool ShadowMaker [MiniTool Wiki]

The Remote computer is a computer that you cannot access physically. But you can access or manage it via some kind of computer network. The Remote connections are made by the use of the network that connects to the computer and the device that is used to access it.

For example, MiniTool remote backup enables you to access it or manage it after inputting the IP address. After that, you can manage the remote computer as long as they are on the same LAN.

How Do You Know the IP Address of Your Computer?

In order to know the IP address of your computer, you can go to Settings and open Network & Internet . When you locate the Ethernet tab and click the Ethernet connection you are using, under Properties , you can find your IP address in the IPv4 address.

check the IP address

How to Access Remote Computer?

Open MiniTool ShadowMaker. Go to the Tools page, click Remote , and MiniTool ShadowMaker will relaunch.

choose Remote

Then, input an IP address in the pop-up window and press the right Connect button to connect to the remote computer.

click Connect

How to Perform Remote Backup?

This part will show you how to perform a remote backup and take a remote file backup as an example.

Step 1: Once you finish the connection, the interface will show you the content of that remote computer. You can go to the Backup tab and choose the SOURCE part to select what you want to back up.

manage the remote computer

Step 2: Click on Folders and Files .

click Folders and Files

Step 3: Browse the source and check the desired files/folders you want to back up and click OK . There are three options you can choose – User , Computer , and libraries .

Note : The backup source comes from the remote computer.

choose backup source

1. User

Click User and it will show you the contents in the location – C:\Users\Administrator account folder. Choose one folder as the source location.

2. Computer

Click Computer and it will show you all drives that Windows can detect. You can double-click on the drive and get in to choose the file you want to back up.

click Computer

3. Libraries

Click Libraries and it will show you the contents in the location - C:\Users\Public. Choose one folder to store the backup file.

click Libraries

Step 4: Now in the main interface of MiniTool ShadowMaker, click DESTINATION and select the destination path. MiniTool ShadowMaker allows you to back up a computer to multiple places – User , Computer , Libraries , Shared .

Note : The backup destination comes from the remote computer.