Do you have any idea how to recover deleted Myspace photos? If not, do not worry. This post from MiniTool shares some proven ways to help you get Myspace photos back. And you can get several useful tips to protect your Myspace photos and other files as well.

Recover Deleted Myspace Photos From the Recycle Bin

In general, when you delete the files on your local computer, you can see them in the Recycle Bin. So, if your Myspace photos are accidentally deleted, you need to check for them in the Recycle Bin first.

If deleted pictures are in the Recycle Bin, you can right-click them to select Restore or copy and paste them in a location you want.

Tip: Files deleted on the USB flash drive are deleted permanently instead of going to the Recycle Bin. Therefore, if your Myspace photos are deleted from the USB drive, you cannot find them in the Recycle Bin. Here you may interested in this post: How To Perform USB Stick Recovery on Your PC .

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Recover Old Myspace Photos From Mixes

If you have moved to a new Myspace or have deleted locally saved Myspace photos, you can try to find and restore them from the "Mixes" feature in Myspace. Here you can see how to do that.

Step 1. Go to the Myspace login page and sign in to your account.

Step 2. On the left panel, click Mixes .

click Mixes

Step 3. On the mixes window, click Classic > My Photos . Now you can find and retrieve old Myspace photos.

Recover Deleted Myspace Photos Using Data Recovery Software

When your Myspace photos disappear from your local computer and other file storage devices, you can restore them with professional data recovery software .

Here MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended. It is a professional, reliable, and easy-to-use tool that can help you recover many types of files (pictures, emails, documents, videos, etc.) in all file storage devices (SDD, HDD, USB drives, and so on).

Tip: MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports recovering data of no more than 1 GB for free. To break this limit, you need to get the full edition .