Memory Integrity is a feature of Core Isolation in Windows Security used to protect your core operating system processes from tampering. But when you encounter the PxHlpa64.sys Memory Integrity error, the Memory Integrity feature will lose efficacy. In this article on MiniTool Website , you can learn to get rid of this error.

What Is PxHlpa64.sys and Why Does the PxHlpa64.sys Error Happen?

What is PxHlpa64.sys? PxHlpa64.sys is Sonic CD/DVD disc driver system driver file and when you have installed this driver in your system, the possibility is that the driver is not compatible with Memory integrity.

Besides, Memory Integrity can protect against malicious codes and prevent criminals from taking control of your computer, enhancing overall security. So, it is quite important to get the feature enabled.

Enable and Disable Core Isolation Memory Integrity in Windows
Enable and Disable Core Isolation Memory Integrity in Windows

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To get rid of the PxHlpa64.sys error, you can follow the next methods.

Fix: PxHlpa64.sys Prevents the Enabling of Memory Integrity

Fix 1: Cast off PxHlpa64.sys

Since the PxHlpa64.sys is preventing the enabling of Memory Integrity, the most flexible method to get rid of the PxHlpa64.sys Memory Integrity error is to make the file disappear.

There are two ways to finish that.

To uninstall PxHlpa64.sys-related software, you can do as follows.

The first thing you should try is to uninstall the software related to the PxHlpa64.sys driver.

Step 1: Type Control Panel in Windows search and open it.

Step 2: Choose Uninstall a program under Programs and find the associated software, such as Roxio, Sonic.

Step 3: Right-click on it to choose Uninstall .

After removing the driver, restart your system and check if the PxHlpa64.sys Memory Integrity error is gone.

To remove PxHlpa64.sys via Powershell, you can do as the following.

If the above method you have tried are proven to be useless, you can use Powershell to remove the problematic file.

Step 1: Open Run by pressing Win + R and input poweshell and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to get into the window.

Step 2: Type the command - pnputil -f -d "PxHlpa64.sys" and press Enter .

input the command

When the command has been processed successfully, restart your PC to check the issue.

Fix 2: Deploy DISM and SFC Scans

Besides, you can check if the corrupted system files in your system cause the Memory Integrity not working issue.

Step 1: Open Run and input cmd to enter by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter .

Step 2: Input the following commands one by one and press Enter after each of them.

  • sfc /scannow
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

When the verification finishes, you can restart the PC to check if the error has been resolved.

How to Fix: DISM Failed On Windows 10/8/7 Computer
How to Fix: DISM Failed On Windows 10/8/7 Computer

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Bottom Line:

This article has given you an introduction to PxHlpa64.sys and some methods to fix the PxHlpa64.sys Memory Integrity error. Hope this article is useful for you.

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