This article expounded by MiniTool official web page mainly shows you five methods to handle PCI memory controller driver not working issue. Also, it introduces the definition of the PCI memory controller and provides a website to download its driver.

If you encounter an “Unable to install PCI Memory Controller driver” issue in Windows 11 or Windows 10 computers every time you boot up the operating system (OS), read the below content to fix the issue!

What Is PCI Memory Controller?

PCI, peripheral component interconnect, is an industry-standard bus for attaching peripheral devices to a computer. The PCI Simple Communications Controller is a generic label that Windows offers to install PCI boards in Device Manager when the drivers for the device are not installed.

PCI memory controller driver plays as a mediator between PCI memory controller devices including SD cards, cameras, or Intel Turbo Memory with your OS. Compatible versions of PCI memory controller drivers have to be installed in case of driver problems.

If the PCI memory driver not installed , a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark within will appear on the PCI memory controller and the controller will locate under Other devices in Device Manager.

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How to Fix Windows 11 PCI Memory Controller Driver Issue?

To deal with PCI memory controller error, follow the following solutions.

#1 Update Memory Controller Driver

In the first place, you can try to update the memory controller driver to handle its related problem.

  1. Go to Device Manager in Windows 11 .
  2. Locate the problematic driver, right-click on it, and select Update driver .
  3. Then, follow the instruction to complete the task.

update PCI controller driver

#2 Reinstall PCI Memory Controller Driver

If the PCI memory controller driver missing or the PCI memory controller driver no driver , you can reinstall it on your computer. In the above right-click menu, choose Uninstall device . Then, restart the PC to let Microsoft Windows reinstall the correct driver for you.

#3 Fresh install PCI Memory Controller Driver

If both of the above methods fail, you can rely on the manual downloaded PCI memory controller from its manufacturer to carry a clean installation.

Tip: If you are running Windows 10 64-bit, you can download and install Intel Management Engine Consumer Driver for Intel NUC .

#4 Update PCI Memory Controller Driver by Windows 11 Driver Update Tool

Besides, you can also make use of an official or third-party driver update program to help you update or install the needed driver; for example, Intel Driver & Support Assistant (DSA) or Snappy Driver Installer.

#5 Scan for Hardware Changes

If you just reinstalled your operating system, you will probably get the problem solved by scanning for hardware changes manually for the error indicates that the automatic hardware change detection has failed.

  1. Still, open Device Manager.
  2. Click Action in the top menu and select Scan for hardware changes .
  3. Wait until it finishes.

scan for hardware changes

Then, check to see whether the PCI memory controller error has been solved or not.

Tip: To completely solve the PCI memory controller problem, you may still need to update your motherboard driver and even all the drivers on your computer.

If none of the above solutions work, the final resolution you can try is to contact your computer manufacturer for the necessary driver designed for your hardware.

Windows 11 PCI Memory Controller Driver Download

Lastly, we provide a website to download Intel PCI memory controller SCSI & RAID device drivers.

Visit here >>

Yet, this is a third-party website that is special in offering all kinds of computer drivers. As for whether to download the driver there, make your own decision.

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