Some users receive information, stating that a bunch of files has been deleted by OneDrive recently, but they did not start the operations. So, why did that happen on OneDrive? How to stop OneDrive from deleting files automatically? Please read this article on MiniTool Website to find the solutions.

OneDrive Deleting Files Automatically

OneDrive is a popular file hosting service used to keep your photos, videos, and files backed up, protected, synced, and accessible on all your devices. But recently, more and more users reported that OneDrive keeps deleting files automatically without any permission.

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As an online cloud storage service, keeping users’ data safe is what’s more important. Many users choose OneDrive to sync or back up their files and the “OneDrive deleting files automatically” issue may make their files lose and hard to find back.

Tip : You can try another sync alternative – MiniTool ShadowMaker. Different from OneDrive, you can sync your files locally, which will be a safer way to keep your data.

The issue can be triggered by multiple reasons, such as an outdated Windows operating system, and bad sectors in your hard disks. Besides, an outdated OneDrive client may cause the error. You can also check whether the date and time of your system are correct.

In the next part, you can learn how to restore your deleted files.

Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Once you receive the message that tells you your files have been deleted by OneDrive, you can check the Recycle bin first and try some ways to restore the deleted files.

The way may fail but worth trying.

Step 1: Right-click on the OneDrive icon from the right-bottom side of the system’s tray and choose Help and Settings .

Step 2: Choose Settings and then go to the Account tab.

choose Settings

Step 3: Choose the Unlink this PC link and then click Unlink account to confirm the choice to unlink the PC from OneDrive.

click Unlink account

Step 4: Then repeat the steps to unlink all other PCs that are connected to your OneDrive account, disconnect the Internet, and exit the OneDrive application.

Step 5: Go to the system Recycle bin where if the deleted files appear, right-click on it to choose Restore .

If not there, you can go to the OneDrive website and log into your account; then choose Recycle bin from the left panel to find your deleted files and click Restore to recover your files.

After you finish these steps, you may have restored your files. To prevent OneDrive from deleting files automatically, you can go to the next part for further moves.

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How to Prevent OneDrive from Deleting Files Automatically?

Fix 1: Check Your Hard Drive for Bad Sectors

To check whether your hard drives have bad sectors, you can do as follow.

Step 1: Type cmd in the Search box and run Command Prompt with administrative rights.

Step 2: When the window pops up, input chkdsk #: /f /r/x and press Enter .

Note : Please replace #: with the drive letter you want to check.