What is NTLite used for? How do I debloat an ISO in Windows 11? If you want to debloat Windows 11 before installing it, you can run NTLite to create your own Lite Edition. In this post, MiniTool will guide you NTLite Windows 11 download and how to use NTLite for a customized ISO file.

What Is NTLite Windows 11?

Windows 11 requires much disk space to install. For some seasoned users, they know what they want. Usually, they choose to make some tweaks after installing this operating system. Perhaps you also disable some features after getting Windows 11. But why install parts of Windows 11? NTLite could be a good assistant that enables you to customize Windows 11 before the installation.

NTLite is a comprehensive Windows customization tool with many powerful options. It can be used to reduce attack vectors, remove some Windows components, simplify your Windows installation, and free up drive space.

Besides, NTLite integrates drivers & updates, automates Windows and app setup, and speeds up the Windows deployment process. In addition, you can use NTLite to create a bootable ISO from any image and this is only for offline images. Driver targeting, image management, unattended setup, registry integration & editing, and more are also supported by NTLite.

If you want to remove some Windows components to debloat Windows 11 and customize Windows 11 ISO, follow the NTLite Windows 11 guide below now.

NTLite Debloat Windows 11 – How to Use

To use NTLite to create an ISO of Windows 11 Lite Edition, you need to download NTLite and get an official Windows 11 ISO file. Then, you can load the ISO to NTLite and do some configurations.

Move 1: NTLite Windows 11 Download

#1. NTLite Free Download & Installation

NTLite is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 32-bit & 64-bit and the server editions of the same versions. To free download NTLite, visit the page https://www.ntlite.com/download/ , and click the Download 64-bit button or Download 32-bit button based on your PC bit version. After getting the .exe file, double-click on it and finish the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

NTLite download

#2. Download Windows 11 ISO

To get an ISO file of Windows 11, visit the webpage of Download Windows 11 from Microsoft. Under Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) , choose Windows 11, click Download , select a language, and click Confirm > 64-bit Download .

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Move 2: Load Windows 11 ISO to NTLite

To tweak your downloaded Windows 11, you need to load it to the NTLite app.

Step 1: Launch NTLite on your computer.

Step 2: Click Add under Image and you can see two drop-down options – Image directory and Image (ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM) . Just choose the second one to go on.

add Windows 11 ISO to NTLite

Step 3: Find the Windows 11 ISO you have downloaded to add it to NTLite. Then, expand the ISO in NTLite and you can see all the Windows editions that the ISO image includes. Locate an edition, right-click on it, and select Load .

load Windows 11 in NTLite

Step 4: After some time, NTLite finishes loading the Windows edition and you can see a green icon. Then, you can start some configuration operations to customize Windows 11.

Move 3: Customize Windows 11 via Some Configurations

Download Updates

You can download some updates for the selected Windows edition. Just go to Tools > Download Updates , choose the available updates for Windows 11, and click Download . Note that this feature is not available in the free edition of NTLite.

Integrate, Remove, Configure & Automate

Under Toolbar , you can see several options to help you customize Windows 11, including integrating updates, adding drivers, loading REG files, unchecking components for removal, configuring Windows (features, settings, services & extra services), etc.

configure Windows settings

Move 4: Apply All Changes

After using NTLite to customize Windows 11, take all the changes into effect. Just go to Apply , uncheck the box of Create ISO , then click Save . Then, click OK and tap on the Process button on the top left.

create ISO NTLite Windows 11

Soon, you will get an NTLite Windows 11 ISO file that can be used to install Windows 11 that includes your customized settings.


That’s all the information about how to use NTLite to cut down Windows 11 ISO. Just get NTLite, download Windows 11 ISO officially, run NTLite, and make some settings to customize Windows 11. Then, you can use the NTLite Windows 11 ISO to install your own Lite Edition.

In addition, you can run Tiny11Builder to build your own Windows 11 Lite Edition ISO to run the system on an unsupported PC. To know more information about this tool, refer to the post - Tiny11Builder Creates Your Own Tiny11 – Windows 11 Lite ISO .

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Back up Windows 11

After installing Windows 11, we strongly recommend you to create a backup for your PC. Since system crashes, Windows errors, mistaken operations, etc. always happen, leading to an unbootable system or data loss. To perform a computer backup, you can run the professional Windows 11 backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker. It can help you easily back up files, folders, Windows system, disks, and partitions. Just click the download button to have a try.

Free Download

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