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Linhardt HistoryHistory
1943 - Founded by Christian Linhardt – Viechtach
1947 - Hambrücken
1990 - Pausa (Saxony)
2000 - Clean Factory Viechtach
2007 - Joint Venture Egypt (Cairo)
2008 - Division Management & Business Development
2009 - Multiflex Tubes
2010 - Extension Aerosol Can Production
2012 - Joint Venture Bijsk (Russia)
2014 - Optimisation of logistics

What do we do for LINHARDT in India

Business Opportunity Identification with major pharma companies

Opportunity identification with Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Cosmetic and other special sectors as well

Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia

Product Selection and Development

Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

We are the exclusive partners for Linhardt in India

Cosmetic and Consumer Good

Often, a product only becomes usable with an innovative capping system and mode of application. Cosmetics make beauty even more beautiful as they care for and protect the skin. It may sound simple, but it is demanding: Tubes made of plastic and aluminium, containers, rigid tubes, applicator pens and aerosol cans ensure the cosmetics are well protected, hygienic and long-lasting when they reach the customer.

• High quality finishes (e.g. embossed films, labels, screen printing and coating effects)
• Pre-press and printing plate are made in-house
• Up to 13 colours can be printed at once
• Computer-to-plate system

Linhardt’s cosmetic packaging can be a firm basis for client’s marketing and product strategies. The company’s innovative packaging makes sure that the end customers recognize the brand products and its offerings at first glance.
Cosmetic and Consumer Good


Medicine protects, heals and gives hope. When it comes to health, only the best is good enough. That applies just as much to the packaging. It is the interface between the medication and the patient. Linhardt provides versatile products for the dermatological, ophthalmic and haemorrhoidal preparation, animal health, and OTC product segments.

They have worked with partners from the pharmaceutical industry for decades. LINHARDT is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical aluminium tubes, for good reason:

• Careful production processes in an ISO class 8 clean room
• DIN 9001 and DIN 15378
• Efficient CAQ (Computer Aided Quality System)
• High performance in-house R&D
• High delivery reliability given by five locations
• Experienced, continually trained employees
• Global presence

Their packaging systems are as diverse as modern medicines themselves: aluminium, plastic and laminated collapsible tubes, cans, rigid tubes, applicator pens and aerosol cans.
Pharma and Healthcare

Specials and Aerosols

• Linhardt make special and sparkling packaging for particular products.
• Whether cigars, markers, chemicals and technology – but also foams, sprays and creams
• Packaging solutions with a large selection of diameters.

Specials and Aerosols



India’s pharmaceutical industry is growing globally and need high quality packaging support too. Packaging Connections helps pharmaceutical and FMCG packaging companies to do business in India using our vast one to one direct packaging network. Linhardt provides is a unique product which can fill in the demands of many pharmaceutical, FMCG, Cosmetic companies and our partnership will be able to fill the gap between locally available material, adding value to the business. So we support their activities in India locally. We are the official Indian partners for Linhardt to establish their business in India.


Business Opportunity Identification

We have proven studies at HPT products and capabilities. We also listen to customers in India and then offer the right products from HPT or see which new products can be developed.

Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

Once the selection of the packaging materials is made, we coordinate the trials as well as offer the technical services locally.

Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs

As India is exporting globally, we also support the companies to get the necessary documentation for the regulated markets like US, Europe etc.

Product Selection and Development

We help Indian pharmaceutical companies to make the right packaging selection from HPT and in case, its not available then we also look at the possibility of developing the new products.

Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

Once all the selection is done, we then work on the commercials like booking the order and then coordinating the delivery, forecasting, after sales service etc.,

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Collapsible Aluminum Tubes

The aluminum tube properties –


Plastic Tubes


Laminates and Multiflex Tubes

Linhardt’s Multiflex tube demonstrates what the next generation of composite-material packaging can do: The wall of the Multiflex tube is not overlapped and welded as in the past, but rather joined edge-to-edge. An extra-thin tape seals the butted joint, making it practically invisible.


Some highlights of the Multiflex tubes family:


Aerosol Can


Rigid Aluminum Tubes


Aluminum Cans


Application Pens

1.) BEAUTYPEN - The product is used to apply fluid cosmetic products in a targeted, accurate and also large scale manner and is therefore perfectly suited for cosmetic industries

2.) MEDICPEN – This pen allows targeted, precise and yet also large-area application of liquid medicines, making it ideal for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries. The pen can be used for variety of applications like nail mycosis, nail care, insect bites, warts, pimples, herpes, pigment blemishes, actinic keratosis, corns and much more.