CONSUMER • Real, physical benefit for the consumer • Easy-handling by a self-learning process • Inifinitely, variable dosage • Avoiding product to become soggy by using the dispenser instead of a (wet) spoon • Still existing of the usual dosing opportunity with a spoon • Easy Refilling through the big whole at the top of the can • Creating a good feeling, because of using a sustainable packaging-mix • Real cost advantage by using the refill bags • Design benefit

FILLER BRAND • Real competitive goal through real Innovation • USP at the POS • Increament Image by using a sustainable packaging-Mix • Cost-Advantages • Brand-Premiumising beause of the innovative Dispenser-Can • Brilliant branding opportunities • Opportunity to buy the exclusive rights of the patented dispenser-can

TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENT • The refill bag and the dispenser-can will fullfill the needed barrier properties against oxygen diffusion and water/steam resistence • Eco-friendly bio-plastic-material for refill bag production is still available in the market from several manufactorers. • Also the production of the dispenser-can is already successfully improved together with a well-known manufacturer for metal-cans in India. • Small orders, for example 1,00,000 units, are possible for delivering a test-market

What we Do for ZielCon in INDIA

  • Business Opportunity Identification with major FMCG companies dealing with beverage, health drinks
  • Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia
  • Product selection and development
  • Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services
  • Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination
  • We are the exclusive partners for Zielcon in Asia/Pacific

Key Facts about Instant Coffee Market

  • The world split roughly in two by instant and fresh Coffee market. The division between instant and fresh coffee is very closely aligned with the division between global tea and coffee preferences. With instant coffee the preferred format is in most predominantly tea-drinking markets like, China, Russia and Turkey. (Euromonitor Study)

  • A break-down of global retail volume also reveals, that Asia-Pacific is, by a wide margin, the biggest consumer of instant coffee. (Euromonitor Study)

  • 80% of the entire coffee market in Australia is instant coffee, but it is consumed totally at home or in office kitchens. (Peter Baskerville, Australian Coffee Expert)

  • In Western Europe, the UK is the biggest market for instant coffee with a retail value of 30%, followed by Germany with 20% and France with 10%. (Country Report Euromonitor International)

  • Along with the traditional acceptance of the instant format, sustained value growth in the UK is the result of the introduction of premium instant products that use a combi-nation of fresh and instant coffee. (Euromonitor Study)

  • Among the most successful of these instant coffees are Nescafé Azera, which ist positioned as barista-style instant coffee and Kenco Millicano, which calls itself wholebean instant coffee. (Euromonitor Study)

  • The global instant coffee market is very strongly dominated by a few producers / brands. The biggest one is Nescafé, who accounted for 44 % of the instant coffee market in terms of value and 40% of retails volume. (Euromonitor Study )

Consumer Trends

  • The consumers interest for more convenience belonging to packaging solutions is still raising

  • Easy-Opening and airtight resealing, ready-to-drink, ready-to-eat, or integrated dis-pensing solutions for easy-preparing of (hot-) drinks or food are the main issues of it.

  • Also Sustainability is a still raising issue for the consumers behaviour belonging to their buying decisions.

  • As a main result of a consumer study round about 40 % of the involved persons are connecting a serious and careful handling of natural ressources to this item.

  • Faire Trade and the use of recycable packaging solutions/materials are the next following important items connected to sustainability by the consumers. (Source: Edelman / TheConsumerView; Sutainability as part of a buying decision – Between Egoism und Altruism)


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