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Bonini’s product range: bag connectors, assembled chambers, silicon products, components.


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About Bonini

Bonini is an Italian company manufacturing top−quality plastic components for medical use. Over the last sixty years, we have developed and improved our know−how, enriching our catalogue with new bag connectors, assembled chambers, and single components.
Our product development department collaborates with our main international clients to design, manufacture, and implement customised products. Our R&D department allows Bonini to be an excellent partner in technically complex and advanced market segments. Moreover, the experience we’ve gained in silicon moulding over the past few years enhances, our production capacity, thus opening new business opportunities.
Our most demanding clients appreciate the fact that we can manufacture and maintain our moulds internally. This way, we can ensure shorter reaction times and deliver top−quality products even faster.


Our highly qualified operators and technicians monitor the subsequent production stages. It consists of bag connectors and two drip chambers for infusion systems, which are available as loose components or completely assembled.


Guaranteeing the quality standards of our products: Bonini is certificated ISO 13485.

Our Products

(4.) Components

Bag Connectors

Assembled Chambers....

Silicon Products....


What do we do for BONINI'S in India

• Business Opportunity Identification with main client

• Product selection and development

• Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia

• Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

• Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination .

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