Rubber Stopper & Plungers

Stopper for closing antibiotics, insulin, infusion liquids, and lyophilized preparations. Plungers for disposable syringes, insulin pens type injectors, cartridge and injection connectors according to the customer’s requirements.


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The introduction of modern solutions on every stage of the technological process, starting with products designing, following their tests and serial production, allows us to deliver articles fulfi lling continuously growing requirements of our customers, both today as well as in the future.

Stoppers for closing Infusion liquids

Stopper for closing Antibiotics

Lyophilization solutions

Cartridges and injection connectors

About Us

Sanok S.A. established in 1932 is the legal successor of the state company called Sanockie Zakłady Przemysłu Gumowego STOMIL in Sanok. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. The enterprise is well-known, both in Europe and worldwide as a supplier of quality rubber products, rubber-to-metal articles and combination of rubber with other plastic materials. Today, STOMIL SANOK, with its modern management system, is a well-organized, fully-equipped enterprise, employing almost 1800 people, having seven production plants in its structure. It is also a capital group which comprises 10 subsidiaries, located in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, France and China

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