How to Restore Disk with MiniTool ShadowMaker [MiniTool Wiki]

In many cases, you need to restore a disk from the disk backup that contains an operating system, installed programs, games, software, some personal files, and more. For example, system corruption, disk data loss, hard drive damage, and so on. Disk restore is a good solution without reinstalling the operating system.

Please create a bootable disc with Media Builder to enter WinPE to do the disk restore. And then start to restore your hard disk:

Note: The drive letter of each partition in WinPE may vary from what they are in Windows. So please make double-check when you are dealing with the restoration.

Step 1. In the Restore tab, select the disk backup you want to restore and click the Restore button.

find the disk image that you need to restore

Step 2. Choose a backup version for system restoration. Then click the Next button to continue.

choose a backup version

Step 3. Check all partitions of the target disk you want to restore. As to the system disk, MBR and Track 0 should be checked for a successful restoration.

check all partitions you need to restore

Step 4. Select the disk to which you want to restore the image and click Next .

choose a destination

Note: It is not allowed to restore the disk image to the disk containing backup files.