Laptop overheating is a common issue that can impact PC performance. But you can take some precautions to keep your laptop cooler and working properly. How to cool down laptop? Now let’s see 5 useful tips to stop laptop from overheating from this post on the MiniTool website.

You may have noticed that almost electronic devices are hot after running for a while and your laptop is not an exception.

Compared to a desktop, a laptop is easier to get hot. This is mainly because a laptop is smaller than a desktop, the electronics are jammed tighter and the room for the heat to dissipate is not much. Besides, more heat may be produced inside the case as laptops use more powerful CPUs and systems require more power to run.

How to Fix Laptop Overheating and Rescue Your Data?
How to Fix Laptop Overheating and Rescue Your Data?

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Of course, laptop manufacturers know about this and use fans, heat sinks, and air vents to cool down the laptop. But this is not enough in some cases. So, how to keep laptops cool? Today we will show you 5 useful ways.

How to Cool Down Laptop

Keep Your Laptop Clean

Without a doubt, dust and other unmentionable debris can clog the laptop’s vents, leading to the overheating issue. So, you should keep your laptop clean. To do this work, power off your laptop, use cotton swabs or compressed air to clean the vents.

Use a Laptop on a Table

Avoid putting your laptop on the carpeted or padded surfaces since they can block the machine from ventilating properly. A table or desk is a good option. Besides, you can elevate the laptop at a comfortable angle to guarantee the proper ventilation.

Purchase a Laptop Cooling Pad

The compact design of a laptop limits the amount of cooling. You can add more cooling to a laptop to help it run cooler.

On the market, you can see many kinds of laptop cooling pads and you can get one pad to keep your laptop cooler. Actually, a laptop cooler contains some fans built-into a tray or stand. You can put the laptop on top of the pad and the fan can direct air to the bottom of the laptop to cool down it.

Change Settings in Your Laptop

You can adjust the settings on your laptop to make sure it runs at an optimal temperature, for example, lower the screen brightness , close applications that are not used, and don’t plug in unnecessary devices.

Also, change the power settings from High Performance to a Balanced or Power Saver plan so that the laptop only uses the power required to run your applications rather than always using the maximum processor speed.

change power plan

Check BIOS Settings

There are some software settings to tell your fans at what temperature they should turn on. Sometimes, BIOS updates may adjust temp read settings, helping to optimize cooling. So, check your vendor’s website for a BIOS update.

This post - How to Update BIOS Windows 10 HP? See a Detailed Guide may be helpful to you. Just follow it to update BIOS.

Tip: In addition to these 5 tips, you can try other ways to cool down your laptop, for example, shut down the laptop when the temperature is too high, add more RAM , disable unnecessary background running applications to reduce load, check the fan, reduce the CPU clock speed, etc.

Final Words

How to cool down laptop or how to stop laptop from overheating? This post is helpful to you and you can find some useful ways to keep laptop cool. Just follow them!

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