Is Halo Infinite on PC? Can my PC run Halo Infinite? How to play Halo Infinite on PC? A great many players are confused about these questions. Now, this post of MiniTool Partition Wizard explains them in detail and provides a full Halo Infinite PC download/install guide.

What Is Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooting game developed by 343 Industries and released by Xbox Game Studios in 2021. This is the sixth main line in the Halo series, following Halo 5: Guardians (2015). This game tells the battle of human super soldier officers and his fighting with the exiled enemies on Zeta Halo. Unlike the first few parts of the series, the multiplayer game of game is free.

Since it was released, this game has received generally favorable reviews from worldwide players due to its visuals, gameplay, open-world design, story, and soundtrack.

Many game players are confused about these questions: is Halo Infinite on PC? can my PC run Halo Infinite? how to play Halo Infinite on PC? Let’s find the answer from the following parts.

Is Halo Infinite on PC

Is Halo Infinite on PC? The answer is yes. It is available on Windows PCs and Xbox consoles. Both the Halo Infinite Campaign and the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer are available on PC.

Halo Infinite is built for PC. From high-level graphics settings, ultra-width support, and three-key binding to dynamic zoom and variable frame rates, Halo Infinite is by far the best Halo experience on PC.

To experience the campaign, purchase Halo Infinite (Campaign). It needs to pay ¥ 7,590 to play.

Tip: You do not need an active Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass subscription to play Halo Infinite multiplayer online on any platform. It is free-to-play for anyone with a free Xbox account anywhere it is available.

Halo Infinite PC Release Date

Halo Infinite was originally planned for release in 2020, but was delayed for a few reasons. The full version will be released on December 8, 2021.

Additionally, the multiplayer component of the game has been in open beta since November 15, 2021, with progress continuing into the full release. You'll be able to play Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Halo Infinite 2021

Can you play Halo Infinite on PC? When is Halo Infinite PC release date? Now, I believe that you already have known the answers. But can my PC run Halo Infinite? To get more details, let’s go on the following part.

Can My PC Run Halo Infinite

In order to run Halo Infinite on your computer, you have to make sure your PC meets Halo Infinite PC requirements. Otherwise, you would encounter Halo Infinite crashing, freeing, and lagging issues while playing the game. Here we show you the minimum and recommended Halo Infinite PC requirements as follows:

Minimum Halo Infinite System Requirements

  • OS : Windows 10 RS5 x64
  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or Intel i5-4440
  • Memory : 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics : AMD RX 570 or Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
  • DirectX : Version 12
  • Storage : 50 GB available space

Recommended Halo Infinite System Requirements

If you not only want Sea of Thieves to run on your computer, but also want a better gaming experience, the minimum requirements may not be enough. Instead, you'll have to upgrade your computer's specs for higher gaming performance.

  • OS : Windows 10 19H2 x64
  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X or Intel i7-9700k
  • Memory : 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics : Radeon RX 5700 XT or Nvidia RTX 2070
  • DirectX : Version 12
  • Storage : 50 GB available space

If you are not sure whether your PC meets the Halo Infinite PC requirements, you would better check your computer specs in advance. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box, and then type dxdiag and hit Enter to open the built-in DirectX Diagnostic Tool .

Step 2. Under the System tab, you can view most information you need, including Operating System , Processor , Memory and DirectX version . To check Graphics card, you need to switch to the Display tab.

check System information

Step 3 : Now, you should check the free space on your hard drive. To do that, you just need to open File Explorer and choose This PC from the left pane. The space usage of each partition on your disk is displayed under the Devices and drives section.

Among all the system requirements, 50 GB of free disk space may be challenging for most users. How to free up so large disk space at one time? When it comes to this topic, most of us may want to delete unnecessary large files/folders or remove some apps/programs. It is time-consuming and ineffective.

Here we recommend a professional partition manager tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard. To extend the game partition using the MiniTool software. Here’s the guide:

Free Download

Step 1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to enter its main interface, select the game partition from the disk map, and click on Extend Partition from the left pane.

To extend the C drive without boot issues, we highly recommend you create a bootable USB drive and boot your PC with the USB drive first for data security. Click here for more details.

Step 2. Select the drive that you want to take free space from the drop-down menu, and then drag the slider bar to occupy the free space or input the specific volume. Then click on OK .

Step 3. Click on Apply to execute the process.

extend partition using the MiniTool software

Well, if your hard disk comes with a small size capacity and you don’t want to delete any data, then upgrading to a larger HDD/SSD should be a better choice.

If your PC does not meet the CPU, GPU, or RAM requirements, the following post will help you:

Once your PC meets the requirements, you can download Halo Infinite for PC from the Steam and Xbox app.

How to Download and Install Halo Infinite on PC

How to download and install Halo Infinite on PC? Here are two ways for you to get Halo Infinite: Steam and Xbox app.

Halo Infinite Download PC via Xbox app

Step 1 : Launch Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Search for Halo Infinite via the Store and click Get from Xbox app . Then click the Get button. Windows will download and install the Xbox app on your PC.

Step 3 : Launch the Xbox app and then sign in to the app.

Step 4 : Search for Halo Infinite and choose the free multiplayer game.

Step 5 : Click GET Free > Get .

click the Ger Free button

Step 6 : Click CHOOSE WHAT TO INSTAL L, only select Halo Infinite and click INSTALL SELECTED . Then, the downloading and installing process starts.


By default, the installation location is in C:\XboxGames .