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Digital Media Recovery

About "Digital Media Recovery"

The " Digital Media Recovery " module could help you to recover deleted or lost photos, music and video from various digital media storage devices ( such as flash drive, mp3 player, digital camera, hard drive, iPod ) and all types of flash cards ( like Compact Flash, IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia, Multi Media , Secure Digital , SONY Memory Stick and others ).

How to Perform "Digital Media Recovery"

Choose " Digital Media Recovery " module in the main interface to get the window below.

Digital Media Recovery 1

1. You can choose the target device and then click " Full Scan " to put scan on it. After scanning, all found files will be listed in the next interface.

Digital Media Recovery 2

2. Select the found files and click " Save ".

Digital Media Recovery 3

3. Choose another partition to save files and click " OK ".

This recovery module focuses on recovering photos, music, and video files. It will quickly search lost data for users. It provides you with more powerful data recovery ability.
PS: this module supports recovering following files:

JPG *.jpg photo file
CR2 Canon RAW version 2. Photograph from a Canon camera.
CRW Canon RAW. Photograph from a Canon camera.
DCR Digital Camera RAW. Photograph from a Kodak digital camera.
MRW Minolta RAW. Raster image from a Minolta digital camera.
NEF Nikon Electronic Format. Raster image from a Nikon digital camera.
ORF Olympus Raw Format. Raster image from an Olympus digital camera.
PEF Pentax Electronic Format. Photograph from a Pentax camera.
RAF RAW Fuji. Raster image from a Fuji digital camera
SRF Sony RAW File. Photograph from a Sony digital camera.
X3F Sigma/Foveon X3 raw file.
TIFF *.tif, *.tiff
DWG AutoCAD drawing file(*.dwg)
PSD Adobe PhotoShop file(*.psd)
CDR Coreldraw file(*.cdr)
PSP Paint Shop Pro file(*.psp)
PCX Paintbrush file(*.pcx)
PNG *.png
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3(*.mp3)
MP4 MP4 Movie File(*.mp4)
M4A MP4 Audio File(*.m4a)
3GP 3GP Movie File(*.3gp)
WAV WAVE sound(*.wav)
ASF ASF video file (*.asf)
WMA Windows Media Audio File (*.wma)
WMV Windows Media Video File (*.wmv)
MOV QuickTime Movie File (*.mov)
AVI AVI clip(*.avi)

This is the end of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery tutorial for " Digital Media Recovery " module.