How to Delete All Partitions [MiniTool Wiki]

About Delete All Partitions

Delete All Partitions feature provided by MiniTool Partition Wizard can remove multiple partitions off at a time. If users have got multiple partitions to delete, Delete All Partitions feature is labor-saving.

Note: Do not operate disk containing boot partition, otherwise boot failure may appear.

How to Delete All Partitions

Users can follow the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial on how to delete all partitions below:

Step 1. Select a way to activate certain feature according to preference:

  • Strategy A: Choose the disk whose partitions need to be deleted and click Delete All Partitions from left action panel.
  • Strategy B: Choose target disk and click Disk in menu. After that, click Delete All Partitions from dropdown menu.
  • Strategy C: Right click the target disk and then click Delete All Partitions from pop-up context menu.

the way to approach Delete All Partitions feature

Step 2. In this interface, click Yes button to let the software execute partition deleting command.

click Yes to confirm you want the deletion

Step 3. At last, click Apply to execute pending operations.

click Apply to execute deletion

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