BKF File: What Is It? How to Open It on Windows 11/10/8/7? [MiniTool Wiki]

What Is BKF File?

What is BKF file? A BKF file is a Windows NTbackup archive file created by Windows Backup. The BKF file format is used to store copies of files stored on Windows NT version systems. These BKF files store backups of information with a .bkf extension. BKF file extension is basically related to Windows Backup Utility or Microsoft Backup Utility which is part of Windows NT to Windows XP versions.

The main reason for making this file is to store system data backup in any device. It can help you recover files from Windows image backup in case of sudden information loss, unexpected system shutdown, virus attack, etc.

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How to Get the BKF file?

You can get BKF files from an old Windows system. These files can be copied from the C:\Windows\System32 location path. Microsoft also provides plug-ins with these executables and support files. The cab can also be downloaded from the Internet.

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